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For 43 years, our state conference has been a successful event for providers of all levels. If this is what you’re looking for, make sure to sign up today. Feel free to reach out with any questions or to learn more. select Events, then Symposium

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Wednesday March 10th, 2021

8:00a-10:55p               Bureau of EMS: CEP and EMT Instructor Orientation                                                                                            

11:10a-12:00p             Panel discussion – EMT Program Directors

1:00p-5:00p                 SC EMS Educators Training $ 40 (Non-Members)   Judge and Jury                                                Dave Page      

6:00p-7:00p                 SC EMS Association Meeting                                                                                                SCEMSA

Thursday March 11th, 2021


09:30a-9:45a               Opening Ceremony                                                                                                                 Lancaster County EMS                                              

09:45a-10:45a             SC’s Response To Covid                                                                                                        Brannon Traxler MD

10:45a-11:00a             BREAK

11:00a-12:00p             State of the State                                                                                                                     Rich Wisniewski


12:00p-1:00p               LUNCH (ON YOUR OWN)

1:00p-2:00p                 From Extraordinary Humble Heroes to Essential Elements of Community Health and Safety:                                                                                                 A Guide to EMS Evolution.                                                                                                     Dave Page

2:00p-2:15p                 BREAK                                                                                                                                             


2:15p-3:30p                 Kinematics of Trauma                                                                                                                         Heather Davis

5:00-7:00p                   Wine & Cheese Social in Vendor Hall

Friday Meetings:                                 9-11 am           Roundtable Discussion on Technology  

Friday March 12th, 2021

9:00a-10:15a               Session 1         Pediatric Respiratory Emergencies                                                                 Jared Ross DO

                                    Session 2         Stretched Strapped and Strangled                                                                  Chris Ebright

                                    Session 3         First Responder Resiliency: Taking Care of Our Own                                                                                                        Kaye Knauf

10:15a-11:00a             BREAK IN VENDOR AREA

11:00a-12:00p             Session 1         Excited Delirium                                                                                             Jared Ross DO

                                    Session 2         Model for Expert Performance                                                                       Heather Davis

                                    Session 3         Scheming Your Way To Better Clinical Decision Making                            Jeff Anderson


12:00p-1:15p               Lunch

1:15p-2:15p                 Session 1         So Now You Have Them on the Vent, Now What?                                      Scott Worcester

                                    Session 2         Daily habits of clinical masters                                                                       Dave Page

                                    Session 3         Hand Injuries: What Makes It An Emergency?                                              Derek Culnan MD


2:15p-2:45p                 BREAK IN VENDOR AREA

2:45p-3:45p                 Session 1         Hot Topics in Burn Care                                                                                 Jocelyn Hills

                                    Session 2         Overdose Detection Mapping Application Program                                     Danika Bass

                                    Session 3         It Ain’t Easy Being Wheezy, Ped Status Asthmaticus                                   Chris Ebright


4:30p-7:30p                 Paramedic Competition –

Saturday March 13th, 2021

9:00p-10:15a               Session 1         Home Meds Heartache                                                                                               Heather Davis

                                    Session 2         Ambulance Specifications you didn’t know you needed                                           Terence Sheehy

                                    Session 3         Ethical Challenges                                                                                                      Jared Ross DO

10:15a-11:00a             BREAK IN VENDOR AREA

11:00a-12:00p             Session 1         Stuff You Used to Know                                                                                            Heather Davis

                                    Session 2         Role of the Transport Ventilator                                                                                 Scott Worcester

                                    Session 3         Capnography – So Easy A Caveman Could Do It                                                     Chris Kroboth


12:00p-1:15p               Lunch

1:15p-2:15p                 Session 1         Hot Tots – Pediatric Burns                                                                                         Chris Ebright

                                    Session 2         Hypertension Does Not Make Your Head Explode                                                   Jeff Anderson

Session 3 Encountering Indicators of Exploitation Brian Collins

2:15p-2:30p                 BREAK

2:30p-3:30p                 Session 1         Pediatric Sepsis                                                                                                           Chris Ebright

                                    Session 2         All Swole Up and Going to the ED                                                                            Jeff Anderson

Session 3 Best Practices in Virtual Education Austin Mandeville



6:30p                           Awards Ceremony